Supervised Child Access

Agreement for supervised child access services at the Wiener Familienbund

  • Before any parent-child contacts can take place, the non-custodial parent has to complete a personal meeting with a staff member and the child/the children will have preparatory meetings (without the non-custodial parent) to familiarize themselves with the surroundings.
  • If at all possible, child exchange and pick-up should be done by the custodial parent. In case that is not possible, the Child Access Supervisor has to be informed beforehand. There should be no other persons present during parent-child contacts and child exchanges.
  • With time-delayed arrivals and departures, parents will not meet at all or only in presence of a Child Access Supervisor. This is mandatory in case of temporary restraining orders and other special circumstances.
  • The duty of supervision during parent-child contacts lies with the parent present.
  • The custodial parent has to leave or premises during the parent-child contacts. The age and needs of the child will of course be taken into account, which is why the presence of the custodial parent in an adjoining room may be permitted for some time. If the custodial parent does not leave our premises after being asked to do so by the Child Access Supervisor, parent-child contacts will be suspended and the court will be informed.
  • During Parent-child contacts, have to take place in a language understood by the Child Access Supervisor
  • The non-custodial parent is responsible for age appropriate activities during the contact time. The play rooms of the Familienbund, including the toys they contain, can be used or games/toys can be brought by the non-custodial parent or the child/the children. Parents are to supervise their children while they are playing with the toys and are responsible for any damage that may occur. The play room has to be tidied up at the end of the contact, it is best if the non-custodial parent does that together with the child/the children. The kitchen may be used to eat together; parents are asked to keep it clean. Parents are responsible for their child’s/children’s behavior and are asked to keep the noise and activities at a level unobtrusive to others.
  • We favor welcome gifts as well as gifts at the usual occasions (birthday etc). Apart from that, non-custodial parents are asked to provide for their child/their children during their time together (snacks, drinks) and to keep health aspects in mind.
  • Records of the children may only be done with permission of the Child Access Supervisor. It is not permitted to take any records (audio, video, pictures) of the Child Access Supervisor.
  • Outings are only possible for privately paid Child Access Services and if both parents and the Child Access Supervisor agree. It is not possible to use private cars or spend the time in a private flat or public bath. Potential costs have to be paid by the non-custodial parent.
  • Not behaving properly towards the child/the children, disregarding agreements, threats or escalations lead to immediate suspension of all parent-child contacts. Misbehavior due to alcohol or drug abuse has to be reported to court and may lead to suspension of all parent-child contacts as well.
  • Cancellations have to be reported to the Child Access Supervisor at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting, otherwise the cancelling parent has to provide a compensatory fee (50 €) to the Wiener Familienbund.
  • The Child Access Supervisor is no referee; therefore, no recommendations regarding future child access for the non-custodial parent can be given. However, the court may order a report about prior parent-child contacts, which will contain observations made during these contacts. We would like to point out that if one of the parents privately orders a report, fees between 50 and 100 € will apply.

Child Service Access Fees

Privately paid Child Access Services: 55 € per hour of parent-child contact, if necessary plus exchange times (27,50 € for time-delayed arrivals), costs of the intake process have to be provided.

  • Monitored exchange: 27,50 € per exchange (higher fees may apply if the exchange takes more than half an hour).


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